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Chili is one of those foods that, regardless of your photography skills, will always resemble vomit in a pot. That’s ok though, because it’s delicious.

This is a post for my friends at newcovcrossfit! Especially those who are new to food challenges, or even new to paleo in general.

We’re only a short nine days away from the start of our Whole Life Challenge, and it’s time to start preparing! I don’t have facebook so I’ll be offering tips and tricks as best I can right here on tumblr.

My first piece of advice is to take an evening or two during this coming week and make a couple large batches of chili, soup or stew that you can freeze in single servings and eat through the duration of the challenge when you find yourself in a pinch.

Personally, I can scrounge together a compliant dinner from the barest of pantries but the problem comes when I need food for lunch at work the next day too. Having a bunch of frozen containers of chili makes it easy to grab something quick without having to think about it.

There will be evenings, too, when the thought of cooking anything at all fills you with dread and exhaustion and the thought of eating eggs or another salad is just too much to bear. You will be patting yourself on the back when you have a hot bowl of delicious stew to get you through those nights… especially during the first week or two, when fatigue can be a serious problem.

I advise everyone to do it this week when you have some free time so that you have some time to find a recipe you really like and you can acquire some ingredients that you might not have (especially lots of spices and good coconut oil, all of which will be invaluable as you experiment with new recipes) before the pressure of the challenge sets in. Googling for “whole30 compliant” recipes will be your best bet.

My drug of choice is Robb Wolf’s Ultimate Paleo Chili. Chili is my favorite because it’s perfect for using up extra veggies in the fridge. I didn’t have two whole peppers as the recipe called for, but I did have fresh tomatoes, celery, mushrooms and carrots that needed eaten and they’re all in the pot now. The recipe calls for 2lbs of ground beef, but I actually used 3 and upped the rest of the ingredients accordingly so I’ll have plenty to last a while.

Good luck everyone :)

p.s. Tropical Traditions gold label coconut oil is the Dom Perignon of coconut oils. Sometimes they have 50% off sales so keep your eyes peeled. A gallon will last you the rest of your life, so even at full price it’s a way better deal than you’ll find in most stores. And you can’t beat the flavor.



"Well, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?"

Judy at her very best.  

My favorite movie of all time. Also my favorite Halloween costume of all time.

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Celebrating 5 months of #RiseOfTheLion - who has their copy!? #missmayi

Baby cress! We’re growing our microgreens in burlap, soaked in an earthworm casting nutrient solution. Barely an inch tall and they’re already surprisingly tasty.


Tried everything to organize your priorities better, and still end up scattered? Try these outside-the-box ideas for sorting your day.

The hardest part is getting started.

When there’s a long list that needs tackling every day, the hardest part is tackling what needs to be done first. You may feel intimidated to start your next big project or pull your colleague aside for an awkward, but much-needed confrontation.

And prioritizing isn’t getting any easier. In his book Present Shock, Douglas Rushkoff blames this modern-day condition on our “continuous, always-on ‘now’“ world which has made us lose our sense of direction.

Successful people know that planning, organizing, and protecting your time is no easy feat, but if you don’t have your priorities straight, who will? Below are four unconventional methods that keep the brightest minds focus on exactly what they need to:

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I’m taking the Whole Life Challenge!

This isn’t my first rodeo, as I’ve completed a number of Whole30s, but this challenge is eight full weeks of more than just food. It starts in 15 days and I’m feeling ready!



Lately Obsessed: Microgreens 

Our sunroom is slowly becoming a greenhouse. We’ve started several trays of microgreens, including chives, carrot, parsley, mint and a few others.

Our hydroponic towers are also nearing completion, so we’ll be able to start growing lettuce in the basement :)


Como practicante de Crossfit y a la vez monitor deportivo no he podido dejar pasar la oportunidad de plasmar esta pasión que tengo hacia el deporte en general con nuestras cuentas HAMA BEADS. Esto son unos marcos realizado por dos compañeros de profesión y maestros a la vez, como son Jaume Ramis Claver y Miguel Borrazásl. Os pongo dos de las disciplinas deportivas que se pueden practicar y aprender dentro del mundo CROSSFIT: HALTEROFILIA Y KETTELBELL.


As colleges across the country begin revving back up, you might want to reconsider your major.

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YEAH! Art History & History ftw.

I’ll get on this after I finish the hundred pushup challenge!

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tiny aqueduct planters

I now want a house made of these.